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Bicycle House Tallahassee

 Our primary mission is to serve people in need

– A bicycle for someone trying to get a new start in life

–  A repair for a college student on a budget

– A recreational oportunity for someone who otherwise could not afford a bike

Since 2010 we have done our best to meet the needs of this community…


Get a Bike

We refurbish donated bicycles and make them avaiable to the public.


If your bike needs work, but you can’t afford a bike shop, we can help!


We offer all kinds of volunteer opportunities

from group workshops to our apprentice mechanic program!


Become a donating member!  Help us become truly a “community-supported” organization!

$10 dollars a month goes a long way!

Donate Stuff

Our biggest job is organizing & refurbishing and we love it…

If you aren’t using it anymore – we can refurbish it or scrap it for parts!

Some part of what you give us will help someone!