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About the founder: Scot Benton

It is no big surprise I got into cycling…


I was born into a wonderful family…


And Tallahassee, Florida in the early 1960’s was (and still is!) just about

the perfect place to ride a bicycle…


Photo: 1975 – Old Fort Drive – front porch bike repair


Riding home from middle school one day I met two US National Cycling Team members…  


They asked me to ride along with them – my life was changed forever


(Thanks a million to my mother for always taking photos…)



Photo: 1973 – Finish of my first race – Tallahassee Fairgrounds to Wakulla Springs


Photo: 1973 – With my father after my first race


I never got close to being the best, but I improved throughout my life and was able to compete at a high 



Photo: 1974 – Springtime Tallahassee Race


Photo: Getting ready for the WGLF Springtime Tallahassee Bike Race


Photo: 1974  – With my mother and sister after The Springtime Tallahassee Race that finished at Winthrop Park



 Cut to today – 2019 – Still riding and racing!!!



Photo: 2013 Racing in Gainesville Florida


 I now live with my own wonderful family in the middle of Tallahassee on a bike trail! 

Everything is within a short bike ride so we live without a car…  It’s sometimes tough, but it’s real, and we have a lot of fun working together to pull it off!

Raising a family on a bicycle is mostly about seeing, hearing, and feeling the world around you in a more direct manner…  The seemingly negative aspects just don’t last!


Photo: 2019 Summer vacation, Washington DC


Photo: Vacation 2019 – DC by bike


Our kid attends the same school her mother and I went to – Hartsfield Elementary.  She commutes there by bicycle!

Photo: 1st grade!  First day!


Photo: 2nd Grade!  First Day!


Photo: Up the big hill with mom on the way to school!


There is a peek into our lives – some clues I guess as far as how Bicycle House came to exist.

Thanks for reading!