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Tallahassee – the early years

Nov 21, 2019

1973 – With my  father after my first race  /  Tallahassee – Wakulla Springs

1973 – Finish of first race  /  Tallahassee – Wakulla Springs

1974 – With my mother and sister /  Springtime Tallahassee Race 

1974 – Springtime Tallahassee Race

1975 – Front Porch Bike Shop  /  Old Fort Drive – Tallahassee

A note from the founder – Scot Benton:  Growing up riding a bicycle in Tallahassee was amazing. I commuted to school from the 3rd grade on and it was no problem.  In the 50 years I’ve been riding here, this community has grown from a sleepy town to a bustling small city, but its still a great place to ride a bike!  (special thanks to my mother for taking all the photos throughout the years.)