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How to get Transportation


Transportation Project

Who qualifies

Anyone without a bicycle who needs transportation

What you need
A physical address

(or a “sponsor” with an address who can vouch for you

A Florida I.D.

A Decent Lock (not one from the dollar store)

How to Apply
– Complete the proper application below

(We will contact you or your sponsor)

What you get
– A bicycle to get you where you need to go… as well as repair service…

How it works

At your appointment we wil find a suitable bike for you.  We ask that you or your sponsor donate what you can.     

If the bike is not stolen and if you bring the bike in for its required maintenance you are eligible for a nicer bike

Service Requirements

– You are required to bring the bike twice a month for scheduled maintenance

– The bike we provide you stays in the program…
The longer you stay in the program, the nicer the bike you get to ride

Show up to the shop in person if you have any questions…

How volunteering works with us

Our mission is simple – get people out on the oad doing what they need to do.  

We need help with everything from patching tubes to cleaning the bathrooms.

If you want to learn to work on bikes, you will need to commit to at least six months at an aggreed-upon weekly 4 hour shift. 

Either way, fill out the form and we will contact you!


 Note: We are sorry, but we do not accept volunteer applicants seeking to fulfill  volunteer-probation hours for drug, alcohol, sexual, or violence-related crimes…

Thanks for your interest in Bicycle House!

Please fill out the form that applies to you


shop: 850.350.8000
office: 850.545.4074


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