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first race - 1972

Tallahassee – Wakulla Springs

front porch - 1973


WGLF Race - 1973

Springtime Tallahassee

Why Bicycle House?

 History: A note from the founder

I was born in Florida and raised in Tallahassee. I rode a bike a lot growing up – to and from school – Hartsfield, Fairview, and Rickards.  I went on to race in America and a little around the world – not the best in the world or even close, but I always participated the best I could…

I have always loved just going out and riding somewhere, still do. Experiencing the world every day on a bike is without parallel – the best way to get to know the planet.

At 18 I moved to Massachusetts. I held all kinds of jobs, bike messenger, washing dishes, street musician,  construction work – always commuting by bicycle.  Always racing a bike whenever and wherever I could…. I had a great life really.

In Boston in 1997, on a city street I was struck in the forehead…. Not sure really what happened.  I was airlifted to the hospital where I underwent some pretty extensive surgery on my head/brain…  That was a full “reset”.   Nothing quite like a full reset.

In 2000 my exceptionally wonderful family brought me back to Tallahassee.  Living back home at 40 with a “reset” brain was – at once – tough and beautiful – slowly I began rebuilding my  life.

Eventually I started thinking about a “Bicycle House”

The idea came from interacting with random people who’ve approached me over the years who saw me consistently commuting/riding a bike…. … I wound up helping them see what was possible I guess..  In retrospect, without  any real intention on my part, what I shared with people helped them. Never had I  thought of it that way, but I started to think about it more and more.

In 2010, again, with the help of my family, I opened a small workshop in Tallahassee and started helping people – taking on each project/person/case as it rolled through the door.

Thanks to all of you in this community who are stepping forward to help.

Scot Benton