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How we got our start… a note from the founder…

My family came to this community in 1960 to attend FSU.   Both my mother and father decided on careers in public education.  My mother began teaching at Oakridge Elementary on the Southside of town when that school opened in 1968.   Tallahassee seemed quaint and immune to the hustle and bustle.   West Palm Beach, where we moved from,  seemed so much more metropolitan! 

Back then,  Tallahassee was safe for cycling, my parents were fine with us kids riding our bikes to pretty much anywhere.   I began riding to school in the 3rd grade – and I’ve never stopped!

At a young age I became completely enamored with what  a bicycle can do for a person. I raced bicycles, commuted to work on a bike.  I helped my coworkers who were financially down on their luck get bicycles…. It has always been my life to ride and to help others find riding.

In 1978 I moved to New England to to try to get an education, race bicycles, work, and find my way in life.  I settled into a life in the construction industry – always riding to work – always winding up helping people I worked with who lost their licenses learn the ins and outs of cycle commuting

In 1997 I sustained a brain injury that put me in the hospital for some time.  That ended life as I knew it.  I endured a few long surgeries and reconstructive procedures.  Finally, in 2000, I was moved by my parents back to Tallahassee to recover and live with them.

I woke up right back at home – 20 years later!  With a whole new outlook on life. I started Bicycle House as a way to recreate a feeling my family instilled in me – the value of “being there” for people.  We opened the doors and just started listening and reacting. 

Now its 11 years later and here we are!  I am proud of the impact we are having in our community and optimistic about our future.

We are very proud of our partnerships with local cycling groups, Capital City Cyclists and also the Tallahassee Mountain Bike Association.  Their members provide us with tons of donated bikes, parts, and accessories.

The Bicycle House idea started as a small contribution by one person supported by one family.  Now we are all that we dreamed of and more.  It is truly amazing to experience so many people interacting, listening, and working together.  Please come and join us if you can.