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1972 - first race

bike house 1975

2010 - og location

Larry Ladd - 0ne of our first clients!

Eddie Campbell - early volunteer!

Jim & Cheng Sun


How we got our start…  A note from the founder…

My parents brought our family to this community in 1960 to attend college.  

Back then Tallahassee kids were safe riding the streets of town.   I began riding to school in the 3rd grade – and I’ve never stopped!

In 1978 I moved to New England…  I settled into a life in the construction industry.  Always riding the bike to work.  I kept a set of bike tools on the job to help others who needed help with the bikes they rode to work.  

Sometimes life takes a massive turn in an instant…  In 1997 I sustained a brain injury that put me in the hospital for some time – nearly ending my life and certainly ending life as I knew it.  I endured a few long surgeries and reconstructive procedures.  Finally, in 2000,  I moved back to Tallahassee to live with family.

Back in my hometown to try life all over again  After a few false starts – in 2010 I decided on Bicycle House.

Our mission since the beginning has been very simple – help people get where they need to go – and listen.

For ten years now we have been open 40 hours a week doing just that! 

Could not have made it without good friends, family, and this community.

Thanks everyone! and thanks Tallahassee!