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It is our mission to listen to each person who walks through our door – 

10 years of interacting with so many people 

Each person with a fresh perspective

Each person with a different dream

Input from families

Input from groups 

Kids love to help and learn!

Some folks want to give their time 

Some folks who visit are taking a break from traveling around the world!

Interacting with traveling cyclist is an important part of what we are “about”…

Some want to learn…

Each experience, each interaction, each shared idea, helps us to better understand who we are…

Leads us toward a better understanding of our mission…

Helping people learn the value of helping others!

Thanks for watching!

If you need a bicycle – if you want to help

We want to hear from you!

Please drop us a line at: home@bicyclehouse.org 

Thanks and – Keep it rolling!

A few groups we work with…