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Our Mission

Provide and repair bicycles for people in need

Provide meaningful bicycle-related education


The way it works is simple

Experienced volunteers train new volunteers in all aspects of our organization – from recycling different kinds of metal, to taking out the garbage, from teaching bike safety rodeos, to bleeding disc brakes.

In this manner we help a lot of people – and we also train a lot of people!

It’s a “win-win” situation…


Many of our volunteers go on to work in bicycle-related jobs, from mechanic to bike-ped advocate.


Ten years of doing this has shown us that the bicycles we provide  serve to improve the economic stability of our  clients/customers…

What we do

Service:  Since 2010 we have operated full-time in the community as a non-profit, donation-based service provider for anyone needing a bicycle or repairs on a bicycle.

Education: We teach volunteers and customers bike repair, bike fit, and bike safety

Bicycle and parts source:  We maintain a full service/full-time bicycle shop offering repair service and  an inventory of donated bikes and parts for sale to the general public.

Team Building – Fellowship:  We host group workshops and youth camps, youth bicycle rodeos and adult skills/bike safety training.





low-cost service

hands-on learning








a safe place

It all boils down to…

For nearly ten years we have provided an average of 500 people per year with mobility, taught a lot of people about road safety, helped some folks find hard-to-find parts – and we have had a lot of fun doing it!   Stop by and check us out!