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The back side of the building we are in, is directly adjacent to a major Tallahassee artery/road that thousands of cars use every day.  Our back wall is 100 feet long and 20 feet high.  Right now it is in need of repair and paint.  We feel improving this wall and painting our logo on it, will raise awareness that we are here.  Right now, it really looks like an abandoned building.

Of note.  This photo is taken with my back to the wall of our building.  There is a hotel being built right across the street and as well, the building on the right in this photo is to be some sort of event center for the community.  A nice logo and bicycle-related mural on the wall of our building will provide us much-needed exposure.


Estimates for repairing and painting the wall run around $3,000.

A local artist has agreed to paint a mural that includes our logo and cycling art on the wall.  We have not discussed a price.