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Relocating the entrance to Bicycle House to Railroad Avenue… 

A lot of focus/development/activity  in the area around the Famu Way, Railroad Avenue roundabout and Bicycle House somehow is right there.

Every person leaving Railroad Square has a direct view of the back of our building.  We want to leverage our good fortune to better serve the community and to gain more supporters.

The back wall of our building is visible on the left, the entrance to RR Square on the right…

On the right, a mural designed and painted by Capital City Youth Services can be seen.  It is our goal to refinish the remainder of this wall and put our logo up there!

The BEST part of this project is moving our entrance.  Right now we are in the back of the commercial park – this project will put us right on Railroad Avenue!


We have financial assistance coming from the CRA 

Basically the project goal is to open up the RR Ave entrance, add security fencing and install containers for storage and billboard exposure.  

That’s abotut it for now.  More details to come when we get them…