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Bicycle House was founded to provide service and education 

We are not an entity that survives financially as a bike shop and helps people on the side

Everything we do is bassed in communicating/interacting with people who can not afford the services of a

normal bicycle shop

If you are just looking for a cheaper place to get your bike fixed we are not the answer.

If you are looking for a cheap used bike shop – again, we are not your answer.

We provide bicycles and service to people on a case-by-case basis – plain and simple!

Education/Our method of teaching

We have had great success with educating volunteers who later find work in bike shops and in the bicycle industry…

Over 100 people in the last ten years. 

Our “school” is founded on volunteers committing to helping us with our mission of helping others. 

Our “classes” and workshops are all based on helping to keep our mission rolling along.

An explanation:

  If you enroll in our apprentice program, you will be learning by helping to provide transportation for people in need 

not simply taking a class and getting a “diploma” – that to us has no “meaning” no “meat on it’s bones” so to speak. 

If your group wants to come learn about bikes, we set you to work helping us with what we do.  In the process you learn, and as well, you have the chance to interact with people who truly depend on bicycles to keep them rolling to where they need and want to go.

Thanks, We look forward to working with you!