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Bicycle House was founded to provide service and education to people in this community

Since we were established 11 years ago we have experienced

just how vital maintaining ongoing communication and interaction with the people we serve can be… 

People experiencing hardship don’t need a lesson in values or just a handout…. 

They need dialogue

They need to be listened to 

They need a cup of coffee and a warm place to sit for a few minutes

They need a reliable way to get where they are going

And they need exercise!

We do our best to provide consistent and reliable service

If you are just looking for a cheaper place to get your bike fixed we are not your answer

If you are just looking for a cheap used bike shop we are not your answer

However, if you are patient – we provide all of our bikes service on a case-by-case basis – plain and simple!

Just send us an email stating what it is you want or need and let’s get started!

Volunteering/Education/Vocational training/Team building/Workshops

Over 2000 people have volunteered with us – more than 100 have gone on to work in the bicycle industry 

The importance of social bonds/interaction 

We have found our volunteers learn better when the work they do is changing lives

We have all kinds of ongoing programs, classes, and workshops  

If you or your group is interested in volunteering with us, send us an email and we are happy to have you!