May Distance Challenge  2023

A Bicycle House  “mileage-based” fundraiser


The Challenge

Scot Benton, founder of Bicycle House

will ride as many miles as possible

in May (World Bicycle Month)

How many miles?

This will be his 4th year participating.

Last year he logged 4,000 miles…

How does the fundraiser work?

Please consider donating a penny a mile or more!

A penny winds up being $40 based on past results.



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Who participates?

300,000 + cyclists all over the world!

The top riders average about 150 miles a day!

Who keeps track of all this?

Strava – an online fitness app

Link to past results

2019  –  2021   –  2022


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Fund Raiser?

Riding mega miles in this neck of the woods helps us connect with the people we serve…

Let’s people know life can be managed without a car…

Part of the miles covered includes grocery shopping, riding with the kid to school, riding to work… 

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Note from Scot

I gave up my car 13 years ago when I founded Bike House – to “walk the walk” so to speak. 

My partner Cassie and I are now raising a family without a car.  No problem.  Iris “The Kid” is 11 now and turning out alright!  

We love riding our bikes here and we have dedicated our lives to proving to others they can do it as well!

I also firmly believe

that in special places

Special things thrive!!!


Dedicated to my late father – who was all about participation…

To my mother, my sister, and also my brother

who have put up with me all these years…

And of course thanks

to my partner Cassie

and Iris “The Kid”

The total “get er done” family!!!