Consistently being there for our clients is at the core of everything we do

Keeping the place clean – Organizing incoming parts

Disassembling bikes – recycling what we can – scrapping what we have to

We have fun doing what we do!

A couple of fun tasks –

Tube Patching Parties

Bike safety classes that end with a ride !

If you have the time we need you!

How To Get Started

Send us an email

Tell us about yourself.

What type of bike do you ride?

Where do you work?  Where are you from? 

Are you logging volunteer hours for school?

What’s your favorite color?



 We look over your email and contact you 

to set you up with an appointment/orientation

with our volunteer coordinator

Here’s our email address


Types of volunteering

 Apprenticeship/General Help/Group Help

 In your email, please let us know if you are an individual or a group.

Please note that we need all kinds of help – from data entry, to event tabling, from dish washing, to feeding our shop cats. Tube patching, communicating through Google Translate with people – lots to do. 

If you want to really focus on how to work on bikes, we offer an apprentice program that requires a 6 month commitment – one 4 hour shift per week at the same time.  

Please Remember

 Although we are here to share knowledge

Our primary mission is to help people face the

challenges of getting where they need to go…

We are here to help provide access to recreation 

and physical activity.  

Thank you very much for reaching out!

We look forward to working with you!